Planning a Trip

March 30th, 2017

10:52 am


     We're finally getting ready for our trip to the UK. We spent last night coming up with our time line for our trip, starting in London England, going up to Scotland, over to Ireland, then back to London for our trip home. This is exciting, especially since I've never traveled overseas before.


     So as this is my first trip over, I'll be documenting it a few ways. I'll be taking my Nikon D750 with a few lenses to capture the scenery and some of the people for nice photos, but also with my GoPro Hero 5 to film everyday as a vlog of sorts. I'll be condensing the footage down to little clips, but it'll be an overall short film about our trip over there.


Nikon D750 DSLR camera, my main body


GoPro Hero 5 action camera


     I'll be getting some accessories for my GoPro, such as a backpack strap mount, as well as a pole to take "selfies" with. I think these two things will allow us to capture almost every moment of our trip together.  

Polar Pro StrapMount for the GoPro Hero camera


I'm really looking forward to this trip as it'll be my first photo trip I've ever taken. It just also happens to be my honeymoon, as I guess thats important as well.