Beard Photo Co.

Established in late 2014, with final touches being done in early 2015 to a finally realized company, finalizing a vision of Greg "Beard" Crutchlow.  

Specializing in unique, well photographed and printed photos, Beard Photo Co. creates memorable and one of a kind photos and prints. 


Greg "Beard" Crutchlow

Established Beard Photo Co. in late 2014, realizing what wanted to be done with his photography and printing skills. Comes from a mechanical background in auto-mechanics, the love of the hands on approach as well as the physical tactile feel of film and print, has driven Greg to pursue his dream. 

Currently working/living out of Ottawa, hometown.

Elodie White

Elodie, resident kitty, love-able secretary. in house model for testing new photographic techniques. Loves to monitor prints while being printed as well as while they're drying by giving them her warmth. 

Currently working/living out of Ottawa, hometown.